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Wake up your curiosity : explore today and tomorrow possibles, explore the world and your senses.

I invite you to a journey out of the traverse paths. Awaken your curiosity and your senses through my chronicles and my literary, poetic or artistic creations.
I offer you on Sansible a transversal exploration of the possibilities, our humanity, our environment, our certainties and our questions, our emotional intelligence.

Espaces d'Abraxas, les portes du temps, visite spectaculaire où les pierres semblent vivantes

Abraxas Spaces, time’s doors : enter the heart of a spectacular area, Brazil’s shooting site.

Explore possibilities

Intelligence artificielle : l'humain demeure dans l'équation, sur Sansible #IA #ethique #societe

Intelligence artificielle : découvrez pourquoi l’humain demeure dans l’équation

Télescope et satellite des outils pour comprendre l'univers et la Terre

Télescope et satellite des outils pour comprendre l’univers et la Terre


The shadow of the fireflies (novel’s synopsis)

When Lucie takes the tram that morning, to go to college, the stranger who comes to die on his knees not only upsets his life but puts many others at risk. Will she be able to overcome fear, dangers, and above all, human silliness? Who will be able to help her, in his quest for truth, in whom can she truly trust? What the hell is this bee doing in the middle of the researcher’s papers?
A novel of adventure, anticipation, which will only allow you time to breath to touch the hopes of a group of friends subject to a terrible secret.

Writing a good book : How to be blown away by your own story

You want to write a good book? You should be blown away by your own story. Tips from Stephen King or J K Rowling, so you can write and finish your own.

Abraxas Spaces, Time’s doors

From Brazil to Hunger Games movies scenes, visit in the heart of a spectacular area : Abraxas Spaces, out of time architecture.


Le corps humain réparé, augmenté : biotechnologies, quelle santé demain ? Comment la #science évolue-t-elle pour soigner, réparer, soulager le corps ? #Sansible évoque pour vous #biotech #scifi transhumanisme & réalité #santé #innovations du #futur proche

Le corps humain réparé, augmenté : quelle santé demain ?

Uranus et son champ magnétique fascinant

Découvrez Uranus et son champ magnétique fascinant

De l'hyperloop à la smartcity, en route pour le futur terrestre de demain

De l’hyperloop à la smartcity, en route pour le futur

Les bateaux du futur, transport écologique, cités flottantes et autres projets fascinants

Découvrez les bateaux du futur, cités flottantes et autres projets

A look inside my worlds

I invite you to enter my creative worlds, multiple but guided by a common thread: I wish to share with you my tremendous curiosity of life.

I am a Science & prospective popularizer columnist, I am also a writer and poet, I draw and paint, I improvise melodies on the piano… The medium is every time a means to communicate, to share the spark, the curiosity, the life. I am an artist of life. Are you ready to come with me for a while?

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Science journalist about space for CNES, National Space Center (with La Netscouade) :
Stratéole 2, une aventure à la Jules Verne pour mieux comprendre notre climat
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New Horizons, a travel to our solar system’s confines
Cospas-Sarsat, rescuing human lifes (all pages except home page)

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