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On Sansible, you are invited to multiple journeys of possibilities, creative and prospective.

Consultant, author, journalist, poet and artist, I explore the present, past, future, real, imaginary, improbable and probable worlds.

I’m willing to discuss any question.

Artist - Illustrator

Bringing watercolours, inks and mixed medias to life.


Journalist & consultant foresight - anticipation

The future on your mind's eye

Some exemples

Writer - Poet

Science fiction / anticipation / Fantasy / Engaged Poetry

Some writings


Creativity and Foresight

Tutorials to begin with



Empower you to design and write high quality texts: the ones your readers will remember.

Maïm Garnier

Maïm Garnier, romancière, poète et aquarelliste

    You are unique. You deserve to do and share what makes you unique. On this site, I propose you to open and expand your curiosity and your creativity, and let them express themselves.

    Which topics will I find on Sansible?

    • A part of this site is dedicated to discoveries on space, astronomy and astrophysics, artificial intelligence (otherwise called AI), positive innovations and foresight,
    • A part open to artistic, cultural discoveries and inspirations and to literatures and movies called imaginary (science fiction, anticipation being my spearhead, but not only), you will also find articles on festivals and exhibitions, trips and more…
    • I am a novel, short story and poem writer: I invite you to discover my dedicated page (literature).
    • You will be able to discover my artist portfolio as well as some of my works and the creative process.
    • I will soon develop more tutorial content, and offer you as a gift from freebies: Sign up to enjoy it!
    • To follow, a workshop or webinar project, which should please you around creativity, or creation. Subscribe to stay informed!

    Foresight: preparing today for tomorrow

    The prospective of possible futures, preferably those that are desirable, is at the heart of our concerns, without forgetting to build today. You can even read poetry, a touch of philosophy… Sometimes, perhaps, you can even get angry. We’ll see about that. This trip, we’re going to do it together.

    Nurturing curiosity and creating

    Creating and nurturing curiosity is vital. This spark is your strength, take care of it!
    We build our future every day, certainly, but in reality, it exists for us only the present moment. Let us not forget to savour every sunrise and sunset, every smile received, shared or offered, every discovery that reminds us how short and complex life is, sometimes strange, but beautiful too.
    We build every day the springtime of the possible, thanks to our curiosity, our creative acts and our benevolent acts.

    Why the name Sansible ?

    The ansible is, in science fiction, a device allowing the instantaneous transmission through the universe. Everyone knows what sensitive means. As human beings, our instinct urges us to communicate and share and transmit our knowledge and perception of the universe, and our sensitivity is what makes each of us unique.

    Thus, I propose you to follow me in the paths of crossing, here, there and to the ends of the universe, using the SAnsible.

    Maïm Garnier

    You can contact me here

    Hold on your curiosity on this blog and on social medias :

    Be Curious, Be Sansible !


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