Hey beautiful soul!


Here, you will find Soul Musings, Magical Stories and Art by Maïm Garnier

I am an independent artist, magician, witch, writer and poetess on a mission to inspire you to connect to your soul and explore your needs and inner path.

I explore the present, past, future, real, imaginary, improbable and probable worlds.

I launched ArtsForSouls, my Etsy shop, in 2021 after six years of learning to embody my own powers and path.

My works has always been deeply meaningful, a faith act, connecting beings through multiple layers of healing, gratitude and joy, a balancing grace that you can embrace.

You are precious. You are beautiful souls. Now I invite you to come and explore the multiplicity of your flourishing being!

I want YOU to live your authentic being, whose actions, talents and emotions are authentic.

This is why I do what I do. Breathe and explore what I have to offer.

Maïm x

Why "Sansible" ?

The ansible is, in science fiction, a device allowing the instantaneous transmission through the universe. Everyone knows what sensitive means.As human beings, our instinct urges us to communicate and share and transmit our knowledge and perception of the universe, and our sensitivity is what makes each of us unique.

Thus, I propose you to follow me in the paths of crossing, here, there and to the ends of the universe, using the SAnsible.

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