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Journalism and scientific communication (links)

  • 2018  New Horizons – To know Pluton and its moons (Bibliothèque des Projets, The National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), the French government space agency).
  • 2018 — Strateole-2 – Carroussel of balloons in the equatorial stratosphere (Bibliothèque des Projets, CNES).
  • 2018 — Neosat – A new generation of telecommunications platforms (Bibliothèque de Projets, CNES).
  • 2018 — Syracuse IV Program – Sustaining Armed Forces Communication (Bibliothèque des Projets, CNES).
  • 2018 — International Cospas-Sarsat Program : Saving lives around the world (Bibliothèque des Projets, CNES).

  • 2018  Healthy Living Areas: Perspectives from Dominique Garcia, Archaeologist, Historian and President of Inrap (Futuramed, MNH Group).
  • 2018  Serious Game for the visually impaired, a not so virtual reality (Futuramed, MNH Group).
  • 2018  Three Questions to Philippe Banyols (Futuramed, MNH Group).
  • 2018  Area of Experimentation Strasbourg ready to make collective action on Health– TIGA (Futuramed, MNH Group).

Chronicles of the Near Future

Each and every day, there are ways to build our future to improve our present. Here are some innovative concepts in project or already under development. Here is also an insight into different literary works dealing with the subjects involved:

  • 2017 — The human body fixed, increased: Which Health for Tomorrow? (Sansible).
  • 2017 — From the autonomous vehicle to the Hyperloop: on the road to the Future! (Sansible).
  • 2017 — From Flying Boats and Cleaning Boats to Movable Floating Cities, an exciting journey!  (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Artificial Intelligence: Human remains in the equation (Sansible).

Space and Earth Exploration

  • 2019 — Explore Mars, From Virtual Travel to Reality (Sansible).
  • 2018 — Watching over Earth and outer space: telescopes and satellites (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Jupiter tells the story of our solar system (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Artificial Intelligence and Space Programs: FDL, accelerator of interdisciplinary and international projects (Sansible).
  • 2016 — The Brown Dwarf who claimed to be an exoplanet (Sansible).
  • 2016 — The magnetic field of Uranus, an amazing switch! (Sansible).

Festivals and Exhibitions Chronicles

Festivals, fairs and exhibitions are all part of a journey (cultural, social, sometimes even scientific, philosophical…). I like to preserve some of it and sometimes even tell about it:

  • 2018 — Beb-deum exhibition Mondiale™, perspectives and multifaceted humanity, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2017 — The City of the Future, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2017 — The Time Arrow, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Meeting with Jean-Claude Mézières, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Can we travel in time?, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Medicine of the Future, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2017 — Predictive Algorithms, which reality?, Utopiales (Sansible).
  • 2016 — Philip K Dick, legacy, Interview with Daniel Abela, director of the Philip K Dick Festival (Sansible).


Literary Translations

Other Translations


  • 2019 — Virtual Trip on Mars, with VR2Planet (Sansible).
  • 2019 — A glimpse of Mars in Earth panoramas (Sansible).
  • 2018 — Painting (live) “The Poppies’ Day” (Sansible).
  • 2018 — Painting (live) “Nymphs Calling Spring” (Sansible).

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  • 2020 — Writing Playlists (Sansible).