Beb-deum exhibition Mondiale™, perspectives and multifaceted humanity

Beb-deum exhibition Mondiale™, perspectives and multifaceted humanity to see on sansible website. / Exposition Beb-deum Mondiale™, regards et humanité multiple à découvrir sur le blog #artiste #peinture #paintings #sciencefiction #fantasyart #exhibition #human #bebdeum #damasio #character #characterdesign #drawings #inspiration #face #bodyart #female #sansible

MondialeTM exhibition, Beb-deum views about human kind

The artist Beb-deum instinctively depicts a potential vision of our future humanity, made up of multiple perspectives and questions. Societal, social, psychological and physical behaviours, sexuality, transhumanism cross his artworks in this exhibition Mondiale™.

Each of us will perceive in these digital paintings a unique vision, sometimes disturbing, sometimes visionary.

I offer you what has touched me: the poetry and intensity of an open look at the many facets of our humanity. Through these interrogative, powerful or strange eyes, we can see not only our weaknesses but also our strengths as human beings.

Beb-deum’s art

The artist collaborated with the french Heavy Metal Magazine, a science fiction comic book magazine published by Les Humanoïdes Associés from January 1975 to July 1987, then from July 2002 to October 2004, with a final issue in 2006. The French publisher “Les Humanoides Associes” was founded in December 1974 by the very talented Moebius, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Druillet and Bernard Farkas.

Beb-deum also produced many travel diaries and comic books.

A work born from the collaboration with the writer Alain Damasio

The exhibition Mondiale™ also connects with literature. Alain Damasio, a major french science-fiction author, wrote a text evoking the fragility and multiplicity of humanity. A book, Mondiale™, was born from this partnership between the illustrator and the writer.

Mondiale™ is a surprising exhibition to be seen at the 2018 International Festival of Utopiales, in Nantes, until November 5. Beb-deum’s painted the Nantes Utopiales 2018 festival poster.

After exhibiting this summer in Brussels, Belgium and Poitiers in France, you will have the opportunity to see the collection of the artist Beb-deum in December and January at “lasecu”, the modern contemporary art space in Lille, France.

Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition Mondiale™, my selection for you

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