The outrecuidance of the giants


The kings, these gold diggers, these gold diggers
Possessed of their prerogatives
Are they so different
From our own heads of state
Prelates and other giants?

Masking the orvietan
Make it sparkle
Dashing, updated to the taste of our time
Hiding the ornament
Forging the Present
Reinforcing the torments
To divert attention away from them…

But on closer inspection
Which kind of example do they set?
These powerful people
Adorned with their attributes
Claiming heavy tributes
Perhaps well intended
Parade together
Hand in hand
With the cancers of this world
Welcoming them with open arms
Giving the locks to the jailers
Providing weapons to the executioners?

Why don’t you ever learn
From the past, the lessons
Only listen to rhetoric
Only look at appearances
Turn a blind eye to actions
Barricades and exactions?

Are they so giants
That they may go unnoticed
To be able to rot
The simple evidence?

Maïm Garnier (01.11.2015)

The outrecuidance of the giants


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