Flower of Rain

Flower of rain is a haiku poem by Maïm Garnier. To marvel from the little happinesses. Read more poems and texts on Sansible. #MaimGarnier #sansible #spring #poetry #literature #littlehappiness #blessings #happinessinspiration #haiku

Rain Flower, haiku poem

Flower of Rain
Leaps to the branch,
Grazes the buds,
Rolls, stretches,
Drips, sways,
Drops, sighs,
Begins a joyful dance,
As the child awakens,
Jumps and marvels.

Rain flower, haiku poem by Maïm Garnier, 2019.


Haiku, or haiku, a short poetic form born in Japan

A haiku (俳句, Haiku), is originally a very short Japanese poem to celebrate the evanescence of the present and wonder. Haiku is a poetic form derived from another traditional Japanese poetic form, the renga.

Some people say that haiku follows very specific rules, like the alexandrine french verses. Since I don’t speak Japanese, I will keep in mind, like many other poets do, the intention to catch the ephemeral moment and to transmit the ability for wonder.

Let’s recover and embrace all the joy of the present moment!


Flower of rain is a haiku poem by Maïm Garnier. Capture happiness in the Now. Find more poems and texts to read on Sansible. #MaimGarnier #sansible #spring #poetry #literature #littlehappiness #blessings #happinessinspiration #haiku

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Flower of Rain


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