Origin is a poem by Maïm Garnier. Rediscover your wild nature, rediscover your senses. To read on Sansible. #litterature #poetry #poem #nature #origin #MaimGarnier #sansible

Rediscover your wild nature, find your senses.

Origin, poetry

I Am
The rock broken by a thousand assaults of the wind,
Of the sun’s waves and bite,
The sand screaming under your feet.

I Am
The air crawling and smelling the scents of the Earth,
The breaths rising to meet the mountains.
You drink me,

I Am
The water that saw you born,
The river which brings you from one city to another,
The sea who shares your dreams.
You drink me,

I Am
The matrix clay with full hands,
The nourishing Earth within your belly,
The life within you Man and Woman,

Original poetry by Maïm Garnier, 2016 / original translation by Maïm Garnier, 2019.

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