Enjoy the moment, long enough for a journey

Let go

Give yourself the time you need

Take the time to breathe. After all, life is not a long quiet river, but a bubbling magma which sometimes freezes and repeats over and over again.

Give yourself the time you need.

Like sometimes just enjoying now and then, enjoying all the air, the sky, what surrounds us, friends, relatives, and everything that makes us feel good.

Just embrace a few minutes or a few hours where you can let go of your thoughts. Just live your life plainly.

I know how challenging this can be. You can do it. We can do it. Try it, you’ll know. And smile to yourself! Yes: smile for yourself.

A video to breathe

Here’s a breath of fresh air that I couldn’t let get lost in limbo, a moment that feels good: it’s for you, it’s for us!

Enjoy your time (ideally on the big screen):

A night aboard the Manguier from Candice Nguyen on Vimeo.

A night aboard the Manguier from Candice Nguyen. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.

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