Enjoy the moment, the time of a trip

Take the time to breathe, because life is not a long quiet river, but a bubbling magma that sometimes freezes and starts again, later. Take the time you need, sometimes, just enjoy the present moment, enjoy a little each day the air, the sky, what surrounds us, friends, loved ones, and all that makes us feel good. Just agree not to think for a few minutes or a few hours, to just live. I know, it’s hard. But you can do it. We can do it. Try it, you’ll see. And smile! A sharing that I could not let get lost in limbo, a moment of clean air that does good: it’s for you, it’s for us! Enjoy (preferably on the big screen):
A night aboard the Manguier from Candice Nguyen on Vimeo. If you liked, comment, share, subscribe to Sansible!

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