The man by the Fireside (Orrimi, Chapter 2)

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Orrimi, Part 2

The man seated at the corner of the fire approached her with hushed steps and gently deposited a blanket on her drowsy body. She was coming back from afar. Too much emotion in such a short time. He knew how much the body tolerates such tensions without reacting. He also knew she counted. But it was the first time he saw her. But this meeting was planned, even announced, in a way, if we thought about it. The consequences of failure were not possible. You had to protect her, at all costs. He surprised himself to replace a wick that had come partly to cover his closed eyes, and his finger grazed the temple of the sleeping young woman. He jumped.

      The contact so soft was not responsible. Even if he had never felt so soft, so fine skin. No, what had made him startled was the electricity that had passed between them, coupled with an indefinable sensation. He now trembled with the need to touch this woman, to understand what was happening, to just feel again that feeling of being in her place, to look out for her, to be by her side.

     When Asmund had opened his door to this unknown, nothing else had existed but her bright, deep eyes. After a long intense exchange, they had finally lowered their eyelids in a perfect synchronicity. He had looked up to observe it entirely. The drawn traits, pale as if she were coming out of a long stay enclosed, she quivered at the slightest noise or rapid movement. His outfit did not let any guess as to his origins, but his eyes and the shadow of a smile when they crossed their looks again said more. He had invited her to enter, a little surprised himself to let a stranger pass the step of his door while he seldom granted his assent to visits.

     He had taken care to put a log back in the hearth, to light some candles, and to close the curtains to avoid possible nuisances. She sat down, hesitating, on the edge of the couch, and then, little by little, had lowered her guard slowly, while she stammereded her story, and had settled more comfortably. He had listened to him at length, fascinated by her deep and luminous glances which seemed to speak to him much more.

      Where did she come from? Can’t make him say it. She had explained to him that he had found his way to him very easily, but after a long journey. Maybe this trip was responsible for the shadows in his ocean color look. She had finally said that she knew him, in a funny tone. Asmund had felt the same impression, powerful, he was unable to tell when he had known each other, and he was certain he could never have forgotten that look. All this seemed absurd and yet full of meaning, oddly enough.

  The fire undulated in the hearth, creating a soft light in the room, with soothing dance. The tranquility soon surrounded them. Asmund found it natural to narrate a narrative from the fund of Ages, almost a tale. It was about a world in search of water, as always. Gaia had so many water-related legends that it was not difficult to draw on these stories of hope and life lessons.

    The unnamed unknown had accepted sleep, Lasse probably to have so much run, to have sought so much.

     He could not resist and stroke, as lightly as possible, his cheek… She sighed and opened her eyes at once. Asmund surprised both by his gesture and by the awakening of his guest, always had her finger in contact. She laid her hand on it, and their gaze filled the universe with life. Nothing else was.

-My name is Lorreem. The voice was of infinite sweetness.

Well. You have a name, it’s a good start, Lorreem. Rest, I’m here: you’re not afraid of anything. He marked a hesitation, not very sure of being able to explain what he was about to say. I’m watching over you.

-I remember a ship… But it was so long ago. What have I done for so many years besides looking for you? Who am I?

-We will find together. This word grew in the small room, it filled the air as if it were palpable, and their eyes crossed again, as if they knew much more than their consciences.

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