Writing a good book : How to be blown away by your own story

You want to write a good book? You should be blown away by your own story. Tips from Stephen King or J K Rowling, so you can write and finish your own.

Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven, poem by Yeats

"Aedh wishes for the cloths of heaven" by William Butler Yeats, poem of love and dreams. Every week, a poem or extract from poetic prose by another author, quoted in the novel The Shadow of the Fireflies.

6 Ways to Feed Imagination and Creativity

You want to develop your imagination and your creativity, but you feel lost? Here are six ways to stimulate, fuel and enrich your imagination as a powerful tool to innovate and create. 1. Use and Feed All Your Perceptions As your brain and your body, your mind and your creativity...

Artificial Intelligence: Human remains in the equation

In the era of data science, find out why human is an integral part of artificial intelligence. Written by Maïm Garnier.

The dreamlike paper sculptures of Peter Gentenaar

Discover Peter Gentenaar's amazing organic paper creations suspended in their flight on Sansible

Exploring Mars, from virtual travel to reality

Are you ready for a thrilling and poetic journey on the planet Mars, from virtual reality to major scientific projects? Get on board with sansible!