6 Ways to Feed Imagination and Creativity

Six tips to stimulate, develop and fuel imagination as a powerful tool to innovate and create. By Maïm Garnier. Read more on Sansible.fr #sansible #maimgarnier #creativity #imagination #tips #creativetools #guide #bemorecreative

You want to develop your imagination and your creativity, but you feel lost? Here are six ways to stimulate, fuel and enrich your imagination as a powerful tool to innovate and create.

1. Use and Feed All Your Perceptions

As your brain and your body, your mind and your creativity need some fresh air, some fresh experiments.

You need to arouse and foster your perceptions. You need to experiment life to fully develop yourself. Feeding your perceptions doesn’t end with walking outside or tasting new things.
Experiencing fully and with all your senses and emotions brings your imagination and creativity to life. Every experiment feeds you.

You do have at least nine senses, even more.
Be tactile. Listen. Look. Smell. Taste. Be aware of the space your body takes. Be aware of the coolness, of the warmness. Take attention to the lights, to the shadows, to the lines, to the curves, to the deepness and to the horizon.
Take attention to the songs of life and seasons. Each has its own sounds and colors, its own tastes and smells, its own textures.

Walk into the wild, walk in the streets. Immerse yourself into creative worlds.

Make art: draw, paint, sculpt, play music, write fictions, write poetry.

Read, of course, listen to music, walk through wild lands.
Visit constructed places, cultural sites, museums, exhibitions.
Meet people. Interacting develops a large branch of our faculties. Communication and exchange are vital. Creation is an exchange.

Live in the now, fully. Embrace the life.
Feel emotions, others’ and yours. Be.

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2. Question Yourself and Let Go

Questions are good. Questions are your brain and your imagination’s first tools to acute.

Questioning yourself brings your curiosity to develop itself and feed your mind in new creative ways, to innovate, build or imagine some unexpected creation.

Ask yourself how other people create.
Ask yourself how they live, communicate, share, think, react, act, feel.
Think little and think big, dive in microcosm and macrocosm.

Always question yourself about the life, the world, the universe.
Don’t take anything for granted and absolutely true.

You create. Allow yourself any questions. Don’t be afraid to think too much.
Just don’t be afraid, it’s a creativity killer.

To unleash your imagination, let go.

Let your imagination run wild, it’s your gift.
Let it play. Many unexpected creations will flourish.

The imagination can be a whirlwind, a tree, a bridge, a galaxy, anything. Questioning yourself and letting go are strengths and values that you must refine.

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3. Change Your Perspective

Everything is a matter of perspective, of point of view.

Successful people have the ability to easily change their focus, their perspective to explore new possibilities.

Nurture your mind by changing your focus, your point of view.
Discover new ways, techniques, tools, environments

Cross the street, walk across the country, travel across the Earth to meet people with another point of view. It will enrich you and it will enrich them.

Foster creativity and imagination by changing your perspective.

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4. Nurture Your Imagination and Creativity Every Day

As you need aliments to be able to walk or work, you need to nurture yourself.

Use and feed all your perceptions, ask yourself questions (and to others, it will feed your mind and cultivate you as well), seek out new perspectives. And let go when you need. Do all this daily. Create an habit.

Imagination and creativity are like a muscle you need to feed.
Training your creative muscle will give you so much energy.

“There is no better way to flex that creativity muscle than to do art, be exposed to art, and to think about art.”

Anthropologist Augustín Fuentes explores in his new book, The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional.

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5. Allow Yourself Some Time

We live in an era in which everything rushes too fast and everyone is busy, day after day, from waking up to sleeping. Take a deep breath in the whirl and tumult of life.

You need to take your time.

Take the time to consider the little things, with the sole purpose of being here right now.

Let your mind deeply breathe when sun rises over the horizon, when the day becomes the night pulse.
Embody the flying bird, the fizzling joy of the child, the merging dance of sea and shore, their movements, their curves and lines and these emotions.

Learn to listen again to life-time moments. Reconcile with silence. Follow the wind flow. Watch a child smile or sleep. Immerse yourself in the waves of stars. Allow yourself some time.

These spaces, these serenity bubbles will also make you stronger.

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6. Have Fun: Your Imagination is Unique

The way you embrace these tips opens your mind and your abilities to innovate. Thus, you help your imagination to flourish as a powerful and unique tool. It’s yours. Take care of it.

You build your imagination day after day in a unique way, so enjoy it, use it! Allow your creativity to have fun!

With this unique tool, you will bring unique creations to life.
No one else thinks or creates like you. Please consider this.

Your creations are original. Your creations are unique.

To conclude:

  • Nurture your ability to be curious.
  • Enhance yourself daily with life and curiosity brings you energy and inspiration to create by your own.
  • Raising your imagination will help you activate your creative flow.
  • Take time to breathe, and time to let your imagination run wild. Take the time to balance. Take time to enjoy.
  • You will ever learn new ways to fulfill yourself, as a living creature in the universe, as a human, as a person, as a unique mind you are.

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“There’s no such thing as a non-creative person.”

Julia Cameron
Six tips to stimulate, develop and fuel imagination as a powerful tool to innovate and create. By Maïm Garnier. Read more on Sansible.fr #sansible #maimgarnier #creativity #imagination #tips #creativetools #guide #bemorecreative
You want to develop your imagination and your creativity, but you feel lost? Here are six ways to stimulate, fuel and enrich your imagination as a powerful tool to innovate and create.
6 Ways to Feed Imagination and Creativity


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