The dreamlike paper sculptures of Peter Gentenaar

Eternal Flame, at ET Lincoln Center, New York, US, dreamlike pink paper sculpture of Peter Gentenaar on #ScupltureArt #PaperArt #ArtDesign #SculptureInstallation #BeautifulArt #ContemporaryArt #PeterGentenaar #sansible #ETLincolnCenter
Have you ever experienced strange creations unlike the common physical world? Peter Gentenaar‘s paper artwork seems it actually comes from one of those dreams where you fly with birds, defying Earth’s laws of gravity.

Amazing creatures suspended in the air

This netherland artist sculpts the paper in an amazing way. Then it looks like aerial fabrics, nearly silk or muslin, with harmonious and delicate colours. Sometimes Peter Gentenaar’s paper sculptures evoques some amazing flowersshells or creatures from the sea or from another world, maybe some jellyfishes like the “A meeting with Medusa”, a short story by Arthur C Clarke, the author of “2001: a space odyssey”.

A paper which brings to life its plant properties

Peter Gentenaar is a paper artist who published with other artists some books for Biennals in Holland and related articles on his creative processes. Peter Gentenaar creates such a unique paper, supported by a frame of very fine bamboo ribs. When drying the pulp curves like a vegetable leaf. The drying process is an important part of his art, because obviously paper shrinks a lot. The delicates paper sculptures are suspended in mid air, as if they float by themselves.

Artistic installations that permeate the atmosphere with poetry

His organic art installations have been in inexpected places like churches, as the Abbey of Saint Riquier, in France, or above the people in a restaurant in St-Petersburg, but also in Museums like Le Musee du Louvre in Paris, in 2016, a show at the Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, in 2017 in China, or in art studios, like Pulchri Studio, in Holland in 2018. Peter Gentenaar’s art has been also featured in Iris van Herpen Couture Collection in Paris, as ‘floating installation that blossoms around garnments as the models move’. Let’s dive into the magic and poetic world of Peter Gentenaar!

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Peter Gentenaar's Sculptures Paper Art selection

Pulchri art installation video Anne Gentenaar

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