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Discover the legend of Orrimi and go on an adventure in this tale of the Gaïennes seas.

Orrimi, Part One

Short in the mist, the frail skiff, his veil of hair of canvas, draped high on his mat, slap the wind that finally rises. The passengers let out a mass sigh. They looked at each other, embarrassed. Sitting on their bags, stowed by straps with padded bars along part of the transport, they straightened their heads and pretended to admire the view. As a landscape, we found more varied.  The youngest passenger defied his tie, took his momentum and set up on the ledge of the boat.

Feel the breath of the flow stroking his skin, close the eyelids and take a long breath…

A knotted hand caught up with him before he tipped over and lifted him up like a jute bag to the deck.

“Little, you’d better keep your feet on the floor, for lack of good fertile land.

The child looked up at his voice, observed the deep wrinkles, and glanced at the sea of mist on which the sailboat was advancing. The wind made it possible to reach their destination more quickly but also created holes in the sea of steam, threatening dives on depths that the travellers preferred to ignore and which the master was careful not to tell them.

—Orrimi, Captain. My name is Orrimi. Thank you for… The child hesitated and left his sentence in suspense, a pout on his colorful lips. A brown wick fell before his blue eyes.

“Okay, man. Orrimi, take care of the gaps, would you do that for me?

“I’d love to, Captain! But I’m a girl.

An amused smile lit up the passengers’ faces. In the end, the trip was less stressful than expected. Languages began to loosen, and their first haven was evoked. It was never known exactly how long the journeys on the sea of mist were known, but the refuges were a much-anticipated respite. It was a question of guessing whether the currents would reach La Farale or Le Guilleret. Of course, preferences went to the Guilleret, renowned for its supplied cellar and good flesh. The Farale was far too mysterious to attract barges, even if everyone was curious as to why no one ever talked about it.

A jolt shook the whole rafiot that creaked, moaned, pitched. A flank cracked, cried, pierced the eardrums of all normally constituted being. The Captain did not even try to cover his ears. Already standing, he entered the rudder with a split board. After changing course, he blocked it.

“Is it serious, Captain?” Orrimi was the only one who dared to ask the question out loud. Adults are weird. They ask questions that they know the answers to and prefer not to ask the ones that really matter.

— Mfr…

“You say, Captain?”

“I got the slitting myself, little girl. That means the wind is against us. I blocked the bar in the wrong direction. The stream turned just before the shock and I made a beginner mistake, I did not check. The captain ended his sentence in a stream of swear words that seemed to be only a long borborygme.

“But what shock?” It’s just air, isn’t it? How could the sailboat have bumped into something? We’re all alone here!

“Do you believe that, Orrimi?” Oh, really?

The passengers to whom the girl turned hurried lying away. She probed the clouds in search of an answer. From the corner of her eye, she thought she saw a fleeting glow, and then thought that she must have imagined it, that the big people were superstitious enough to get into it too. It’s not like she hadn’t dreamed about that moment the night before, is it? Let’s hope the sequel remains a dream…

 © MaïmGarnier ~ New Unreleased, Part 1 ~ Orrimi 02/07/2016


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