Aedh dreams of the Cloths of Heaven, poem by Yeats


Every week I propose a poem or excerpt of poetic prose from another author, quoted in my novel The Shadow of the Fireflies.

Each of the chapters of my novel The Shadow of the fireflies begins and ends with a epigraph, some written by me, other cities for their beauty and their direct or indirect light on the narrative.

What is a epigraph?

The previous poem evoked the themes of resilience, revolt, survival and hope, with “Tomorrow” by Robert Desai.

This week, I propose to continue the series of poetic excerpts by the themes of love, gift, fragility, dreams and their precious value… Here is the poem
“Aedh Dream of the cloths of the Heavens” by William Butler Yeats, whose two stanzas are quoted in a epigraph of the shadows of the Fireflies.

“Aedh dreams of the fabric of heaven”, Yeats ‘ poem

“If I had had the embroidered cloths of the heavens,
Woven with gold and silver light,
Blue and dark and dark clothes
Of the night and the day and the Twilight,

I would deploy these cloths under your fe
et: But I am poor, I have only my dreams; I hav
e deposited my dreams under your feet
; Walk slowly, because you walk on my dreams.

Aedh dream of the cloths of the Skies ‘, poem by William Butker Yeats, translation by Maïm Garnier.


Sketched biography of William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and playwright with multiple influences, including Irish symbolism, myths and folklore, the Noh theatre. His poetry has evolved throughout his entire life, a living form of research and the invention of language, combining aesthetics and constant renewal, according to his own evolution.

Born in Ireland and deeply attached to the landscapes and influences of his country of origin, of which he defended independence, he lived the last years of his life in France.

This poem was inspired by the love that W.B. Yeats wore to a woman.

William Butler Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923.

A voice and music of a WB Yeats poem by Loreena McKennit:


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"Aedh dreams of the Fabric of Heaven" by William Butler Yeats, Poem of Love and Dreams: Every week, a poem or excerpt of poetic prose from another author, quoted in the novel The Shadow of the Fireflies. Known for: "Tread slowly, because you walk on my Dreams" #poesie #WBYeats #litterature #sansible #epigraphe #lombredeslucioles #symbolisme, #fragilite #don #amour #reves

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