The shadow of the fireflies (novel’s synopsis)

The shadow of the Fireflies, novel by Maïm Garnier (chapter 1, provisional version)

Synopsis of the novel The Shadow of the Fireflies:

When Lucie takes the tram that morning, to go to college, the stranger who comes to die on his knees not only upsets his life but puts many others at risk. Will she be able to overcome fear, dangers, and above all, human silliness? Who will be able to help her, in his quest for truth, in whom can she truly trust?

What the hell is this bee doing in the middle of the researcher’s papers?

A novel of adventure, anticipation, which will only allow you time to breath to touch the hopes of a group of friends subject to a terrible secret.

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What is the Ray’s Day and why I share this


Last year on this date, I had not yet a blog of writing and dedicated shares. I had shared directly on the site of the Ray’s Day, the first draft (raw version of the original text, without corrections) of the first chapter of my first novel The Shadow of the fireflies (yes, that’s a lot of 1st ;-)). I am glad to participate in the second consecutive year of the Ray’s Day. On August 22nd, this day is the feast of Reading, authors and books, in memory of Ray Bradbury.

This year the corrections are in beta-reading, before the latest improvements for sending to publishers. I offer you on the occasion of the #RaysDay to read here, in preview, this first chapter, corrected (but this is not the last version). You will be able to follow and read all participants to this exciting day on Twitter under this hashtag, in addition to the site. Some of the authors even share their text for reading on internet during the whole year. I specify that this is not the validated version for publishing.

This text is downloadable free (and exclusively) on my blog, in this post. From the 23rd, the chapter extracted from my novel The Shadow of the fireflies will no longer be available, waiting to find it later, be published with one of my potential publishers. The main thing being that he found his readers, you, perhaps.

I have extended access to reading but all the good things are not infinite.
So I hope you did not miss the reading appointment.

Sorry, The shadow of the fireflies by Maïm Garnier – Chapter 1 is no longer accessible.

Good reading !

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The shadow of the fireflies (novel\'s synopsis)


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