Little Forgetfulness of humanity

Little forgetfulness of humanity, Committed poem by Maïm Garnier. More literary textes and creations to discover on Sansible. #committedpoetry #literature #poetry #poem #MaimGarnier #sansible

~ Little forgetfulness of humanity ~

Committed poem

The finger’s tense, dumb question.
The silence, dense glances,
Comes to rest on the shoulders,
Cover the spine of a wool shawl,
Blowing his story in the neck.

The finger’s tense, dumb question.
Acid squeal, tight chest,
Trembling breathing,
A bitter blink of the eyelids,
Close his heart and look away.

The closed hand, the thoughts flown,
Take a detour, make mine forget.
This is the daily life of the hungry,
A sigh of helplessness quickly folded,
A little forgetfulness of humanity.


[ by Maïm Garnier ]

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