Painting Poppies’ Day

Poppies’ Day, history of a painting

The Poppies’ Day painting is first of all the fleeting vision of a memory, two young men walking among the golden and flowery hills, covered with ruins whose time is to be imagined, past, pre
sent or future. Poppy Day is a sun-drenched breath, caressed by the wind. Tread this intoxicated region with light. Take the time to soak up its delicate atmosphere…

Poppy Day is an original creation. It is part of the Summer Songs.

Poppy Day, illustration by Maim Garnier. Summer vibrations. Watercolor, ink and pastels. #inktober #inktober2018 #dessin #illustration #jakeparker - #artinspiration #MaimGarnier #été #coquelicot #processuscreatif #encre #aquarelle #pastel #artinspiration watercolorist
Poppy Day, illustration by Maim Garnier.

Video timelapse of the realization of the painting-work in process

Here is my second timelapse, also visible on my Youtube channel: Youtube channel Maïm Garnier

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Material used for Poppy day-Poppies ‘ Day

Tools and materials I used for this painting:

Watercolor paper Arches 100% hot pressed cotton 300g/m2, here satin grain. The colors remain quite faithful in intensity and the paper absorbs well the water. This is 26cm x 36cm.

Koh i Noor red-blue pencil, called a copy pencil or a television pencil. Practical in various ways, to my liking, but only once the sketch is asserted.

Raphael lavis brush “Little Grey Pure” 803, Da Vinci “Nova” synthetic brushes, and Water brushes Pentel

Peinture Watercolor Schmincke Horadam. I love working with this pigment-rich watercolor.

Watercolor Pencils Derwent Academy. They can be used in various ways and are complementary to me from the traditional watercolor. You can get a glimpse of it in my videos on the blog or on my YouTube channel.

Red ink and pen without tank, Black ink felts from China

Faber – Castell Pitt artist Pastels tender (dry) Faber – Castell, I selected them for their exceptionally vibrant colors and their contribution of material and emotion to the creations. The pastel must be fixed at the end of the process using a dedicated fixing bomb.

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Happy creative or peaceful day!

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